The Flummery Podcast

The Flummery is a podcast that dabbles in metal, rock, and prog rock discussion with a heavy emphasis on movies, comedy, and broad discussions. We rarely discuss sports and politics, so if that’s what you’re looking for, just no. The Flummery is based in St. Paul , MN and is always looking for local artists, comedians, and other characters to Pod with. Knowwhudi’msayin?

The Flummery #27 - Ryan Benson

July 18th, 2017

Hey everyone!  It's the first Flummery posted using Podbean!  More to come, including episode #28 which obviously rocks. Adam doesn't need to hear no business about the 9/11 conspiracy, Ryan's band Catheterize has a new album in September, and Hillary Clinton Numbsucked my A-Hole!  Enjoy Flummists!  We love your ears!

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